The collections and distribution of important information to and from staff and clients. Initiation and control of incident procedures in the event of any abnormal conditions that may arise.

Communicate with emergency services when required. Monitoring of real time guard monitoring systems and following up.

  • quick response via panic button or skipped clock points detection
  • enhanced secondary 24-hour control room monitoring & supervisor reporting
  • real time guard monitoring reports on demand
  • reliable tamper/dust/waterproof systems


Access control system to monitor entrants + record their temperatures

An independent access control system used to monitor who is always entering your building. The regulation-compliant system also checks the temperatures of individuals. In this way, it is an effective step in limiting the spread of COVID-19.


Real-time monitoring of time, and whereabouts of staff and assets 21-point fingerprint recognition 

RFID reader

GPS + GSM capabilities

Control functionalities and data remotely via Active View online portal

Can integrate into payroll management systems

Reduces unwanted overtime

Eliminates ghost employees

Pre-programmed panic functions



ACTIVEYE combines CCTV with artificial intelligence to provide a powerful security surveillance model based on the concept of self-learning.

The software introduces a rule-based environment which builds a database of so-called normal versus abnormal behaviours. When an abnormal event occurs – such as a person entering a premises outside normal hours, or an individual arriving with a weapon – officers on site are notified of the event to enable them to react to it.


We record all incidents, near misses, irregularities etc., and conduct a regular risk assessment to ensure that we have done all we can to reduce the security risk and to ensure that the site remains safe and secure.


During our investigation from time to time, we also deploy our under-cover security officers to obtain any additional or sensitive information which otherwise would have been difficult to obtain.


During our investigation, we ensure that all personnel is cross-questioned, and statements obtained. We then evaluate all the factors involved to determine the route cause followed by the implementation of corrective actions.


A written report is compiled and submitted as soon as possible to the client. Should an investigation take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances a preliminary report will be submitted followed by a comprehensive follow-up report.

Things that may cause a delay with submitting investigation reports will be Polygraph testing, arrests, working with SAPS, etc.


South Africa is known for high levels of labour unrest, each year the frequency of strike action in SA increases by just under 25%. The recent incidents of national looting and unrest also call for companies to have a tactical response team that is prepared for future incidents.


All our shift leaders have first aid training and firefighting training in the event of an emergency.

We currently have a site we have been managing with over 1300 employees. Over the past 6 years they have had several protests and various levels of unrest. Each year our experience and techniques have been refined.

Riot gear makes security look intimidating, and this deters people from escalating the situation.

We do not make use of firearms during Riots because it increases the risk of escalation, and the situation can turn bad very quickly.


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